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Ayyyy, my names Garrden, I like a lot of things, and my son is Shadow the Hedgehog

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some thumbs for the croo for the new playthrooo


Payment Info

  • Send me references and details about the drawing, I´ll tell you how much it should be (cca), if you´re okay with that, you can pay the first half and i´ll start drawing. I´ll send you the sketch, wait for your approval and then finish the commission. You can send me the other half of the payment after receiving the finished product~ (+an extra hour if there´s any)
  • Paypal (

Sooooo, my computer pretty much broke today. I´ve borrowed one from my family in Belgium, but i´ll have to buy something myself eventually. I´ve been saving up for Cintiq Companion, so all commission money will go on that little thing ^^ (And food. Food is important.)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day <3

feel free to message me for any extra info <3

Anonymous asked: Wishhhlisssslt



Okay Fine.

Make this post reach 100+ notes in less than six hours and you’ll have it.


If it fails, you never get to ask me again >w<


Fun fact: In Florida, if you’re under the age of 24, the age of consent is 16. Over 24, it’s 18. Another fun fact: At any point since I’ve known her, we would be legally okay to be together.


Anonymous asked: yooooo. Whats up with russ? no idea if he be playin the sarcasm card or if he foreal. whats your thoughts on that?

He may be a jokester but he’s rarely sarcastic, it’s for real

Look i have no right to have a say on the matter, i know parts here and there from talking with Red on occasion about her struggles and etc…so not gonna lie, i know reasons

If he were joking he wouldn’t have said a flat out no.

I feel sorry for Russ and Red too

I don’t think ppl should ask him or Red about what happened, thats their business alright, don’t get all nosey about it, just let it pass, i know that sounds cold, but it’s best to not make drama out of it

let me edumacate u ppl going on disrespecting Cry and Chey’s relationship

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"But then again Cry is into 12 years olds, isn’t he Cheyenne?"


No, that’s BattleStar.


I think I’m just gonna make a playlist of uplifting/motivational fantasy-ish/epic music.

And this is probably gonna be on it.

basically what this game is about

some sketches i did today + Line Play character



i cant believe kari got her own anime

Aired: Oct 13, 2014. A TV anime adaptation of the Girlfriend (Kari) a mobile game where players can have girlfriends through playing the game.”



But not Read

I liked the transparent version better

at least i’m getting somewhere, maybe i’m breaking it

Track: I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Album: Plans

Track: PAC-MAN Club mix

Album: Super smash bros OST